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Version: 2023 R2


Actions are operations of the system performed without the user's involvement, provided that predefined conditions are met (going through a path, timeout, adding an attachment, changing value on a form, etc.).

To add an action on a path or step, select a workflow from the tree and double-click on its step or path in the Workflow designer tab. In the Actions list field, select an action trigger method (see Action triggers) and click the plus icon. This will add an Automation, which may include one or more actions. In the new window, in the Definition tab, click on the arrow between the Start and End elements. A black icon with a plus will then appear, and when clicked, you will be able to add an action from the list of available actions. Another block with the name of the selected action will then appear between the above elements.

New action

To be able to change the action settings, click on the ellipsis icon available in the upper right corner of the action block and select Properties or Configuration. The displayed configuration windows will differ depending on the selected action type.


For more information on actions and their configuration, see the article Introduction to actions in WEBCON BPS on our technical blog.

Action groups and types

In WEBCON Business Process Suite actions are grouped by the nature of their operation. The table below presents a list of all action groups available in WEBCON BPS and specifies by which activity or workflow an action can be triggered.

Action groupAction type
On entry
On exit
On timeout
On browser opening
Menu button
On path
Upon instance deleting
Upon instance saving
Attachments menu
On attachment add
OCR and scanningAdd a text layer
OCR AI recognition
Teach OCR AI
NotificationsSend standard email
Send custom email
FormChange value of single field
Validate form
Change values of multiple fields
Change values of multiple fields
Task assignmentCreate a task
Choose an approver
Privileges and public accessAdd privileges
Remove privileges
Share workflow instance
Share task
Stop sharing
Workflow controlStart a subworkflow
Update related workflow instance
Set workflow status
Start a subworkflow (SQL)
Move workflow (SQL)
Change form type
SubstitutionsAdd a substitution
Remove a substitution
Excel, Word and PDFGenerate/Update a Word file
Generate a PDF file
Convert Word to PDF
Read data from an Excel file
Generate an Excel file
Reports and printoutsGenerate an HTML printout
Generate an RS report
Digital signatures and certificatesSign an attachment
Verify attachment's signature
Sign an attachment with CoSign
BarcodesPrint a barcode label
Read a barcode
Add a barcode
ExchangeExchange events
Exchange tasks
Out of office autoreply
BPS users and groupsBPS users list synchronization
Delete BPS user
Delete BPS group
Create BPS group
Add/Remove single user to/from BPS groups
Add/Remove multiple users to/from BPS group
Create BPS user
Edit BPS user
Manage BPS user licenses
Active DirectoryManage users
Manage groups
Add user to a group
SharePoint contentCreate a site
Download an attachment from a list
Create a list
Delete a list
Add a new list element
Edit a list element
Delete a list element
Add an attachment to a list
SharePoint users and privilegesCreate a group
SharePoint group members management
Add SP privileges
IntegrationRun an SQL procedure
Run an SDK action
Invoke SOAP Web service
Run a PowerShell script
Invoke REST Web service
AttachmentsAdd attachment
Update attachment
Remove attachment
Database retentionArchive workflow instances
Archived instances retention
Remove personal data
OneDriveStart editing a file using OneDrive
Cancel editing a file using OneDrive
Finish editing a file using OneDrive
Performance indicatorsStart performance indicator
Stop performance indicator
Cancel performance indicator