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Version: 2023 R2

Sequence of action execution

The WEBCON BPS Designer Studio tool provides three modes of action execution:

  • Standard behavior – an action is executed precisely where the automation flow was triggered,
  • Pending in transaction – execution of an action is postponed until at the end of transaction, after all actions in the automation are executed. If any operation within the transaction fails, the action is not executed either. This rule also applies the other way round: failure of an action executed in this mode prevents execution of the whole transaction,
  • Pending after transaction – execution of an action is postponed. The action is executed after the end of transaction, i.e. after correct execution of all automations. What is important is that a failure to execute an action operating in this mode does not affect the execution of an already completed transaction.

Most actions available in WEBCON BPS operate in a standard manner, i.e. an action is triggered exactly where it has been embedded in automation. Actions that operate differently are presented in the below table along with information about their mode or modes of operation.

Action nameExecution mode
Read a barcodeStandard behavior, Pending after transaction
Add a barcodePending after transaction
Send a custom emailPending after transaction
Send a standard emailPending after transaction
Remove privilegesPending after transaction
Add privilegesPending after transaction
Start editing a file using OneDrivePending after transaction
Run an SDK actionStandard behavior, Pending in transaction, Pending after transaction

To learn more about sequence of executing actions, read the ARTICLE available in the WEBCON Community website.