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Version: 2023 R2

BPS users list synchronization configuration


This tab contains the configuration of the BPS users list that tailors it to your needs.

1. Synchronization source

Synchronization data source.

Local Active Directory – the regular, default Active Directory, also called "on premises" Active Directory.

Azure Active Directory – Active Directory service hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

LDAP Server - custom LDAP service

You can change this setting using the WEBCON BPS installer. For more information, see Changing of users synchronization from AD to AAD.

2. Domain/Organizational unit list

List of available domains (root) or organizational units (OU).

3. Credentials

This tab contains log-in options. By default, the user on whom the BPS service is running will be used. However, a different user can be chosen simply by entering the login, password, and the domain. SSL connection is optional.

4. Schedule

This tab contains settings needed to create a schedule for synchronizing the users list. Time has to be in hh:mm format.

5. Advanced

In this tab you can find options connected with synchronization: its type and an option to synchronize it immediately.

More details can be found here.