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Version: 2023 R2

Global fields

Global fields are used for creating form fields that will be shared between processes. Fields that are created and configured in the System settings tab can be instantly added to any process, since they will inherit this configuration and will not need to be configured again. This greatly simplifies transferring form fields between processes and environments.


There are four types of form fields that can be defined as global fields: Single line of text, Choice field, Date and time, and Person or group.

Each process has a limit of:

  • 10 "Single line of text" global fields
  • 10 "Choice field" global fields
  • 5 "Date and time" global fields.

Although global fields inherit their configuration by default after being added to a process, it is possible to break inheritance and modify the configuration of a global field locally for a chosen process.

Configuration settings for global fields: General, Style and behavior