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Version: 2023 R2


Form presenting cache list used by workflow system.
Here user can:

  • configure cache settings
  • look through update logs
  • cache contents on each Front-end
  • clear each cache


1. Cache stored in frontends' memory

List of cache which have their data stored in Front-ends' memory on the SharePoint farm.
It is possible to check what is the validity time of each cache, on which Front-end and which process is currently stored, and clear the cache contents.

In the case of a farm with several Front-ends, cache clearing will be automatic for one of the Front-ends. For the others, it will run only after the first use of any cache on that Front-End server.

Report holds information on which computer cache is being stored.
Computers and processes that have used cache in the last 24 hours are displayed. If the ISS process was recreated or restarted then some outdated processes might be displayed.

For each process and computer, we can see the number of records stored for the selected cache, the time the data was last loaded into the cache, and the time the cache contents were last cleared.