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Version: 2023 R3

Display settings

The tab provides access to additional display settings for the Absence chart form field.


1. Show date range

When checked, the system displays information on the date range for which the requests are displayed.

2. Show chart key

Displays the chart legend.

3. Show field name

Shows or hides name of a form field defined in Designer Studio.

4. Automatically expand employee tree to (1) level

If persons are displayed as a tree, this option allows you to automatically expand the tree structure while loading the page to a specified level.

If people are displayed in a form of a tree, the option allows users to automatically expand the tree structure when loading the page to a given level.

5. Simplified presentation (present/absent)

When selected, all absence requests in the schedule are displayed in black, simplifying the presentation of information regarding a person's presence or absence.