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Version: 2023 R3


The window's upper bar contains four buttons that allow you to add a new process (New), save and publish a process (Save & publish process), remove a selected process (Delete), and clone a process (Clone). In the last case, clicking the Clone button results in copying the whole process and moving it to a newly created process.


The process configuration window is divided into the following tabs:

  • General – displays information about the process and allows for managing process permissions,
  • User privileges – enables changing permission settings with regard to specific operations in a process,
  • GDPR – designates the current process as a source of personal data for other processes,
  • Settings – changes process settings (license, data sources, substitutions, etc.),
  • Template configuration – choses data source which feeds an absence process,
  • Compact view – controls the layout of the process in the WEBCON BPS mobile app.


1. ID

Displays database identifier of a process.

2. Name

Edits process name.

3. Acronym

Edits process acronym (a string of initials).

4. Template

Allows you to choose process template. The available templates are: Standard and Vacations.

5. Description

Edits process description.

6. Application

Allows you to specify an application to which the process will belong.

7. Process supervisor

Allows you to specify a person responsible for managing the process. A process supervisor is visible on an instance form in the left-side panel.