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Version: 2023 R3

Designer Studio

WEBCON BPS Designer Studio is your command center for all features of WEBCON BPS.

The Applications section is used to build entire business applications, including:

  • Workflows – plan steps, task assignment, business rules, triggered actions, timeout actions, cyclical actions. Instant change technology will allow you to make changes to ongoing workflows. Existing workflow instances will use the updated workflow and form definitions as soon as you save them in Designer Studio.
  • Forms – define the fields that will be found on your forms, their layout, behavior, form rules (JavaScript). Create different views for individual users/steps or one universal layout. Define translations for your applications to localize them better.
  • Presentation layer – create presentation elements for your Portal site, like reports (tables and charts), dashboards (digital desktops), and start buttons.

The Data sources section allows you to manage connections and integration with external databases and Web services. It also allows you to easily access and filter data from your own WEBCON BPS system.

System settings is where you will find all settings that affect your system globally. With this section you can:

Reports allow you to analyze the health of your system, troubleshoot, and collect statistics.

Plugin packages (SDK) offer enormous possibilities to expand WEBCON BPS by additional non-standard features, not included in the standard installation. They allow you to create components that integrate with external systems and handle unique cases not supported regularly.