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Version: 2023 R3

Translation languages

The node allows you to add languages in which translations can be provided for various phrases in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio, as well as to define the language in which phrases are shown to end users.
Translations can be entered for almost any configurable element in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio by using the translation button (./img/drex_SystemSettings_Language_custom.png) next to the given phrase (e.g. names of applications, processes, steps, form fields):


You can also enter translations using an MS Excel spreadsheet.

Translations for interface elements (elements native to WEBCON BPS Portal, but not configured in Designer Studio) can be managed via the [Interface language packs] node.


1. Database language (set during installation)

A database language configured during the installation of the WEBCON BPS platform.

2. Language list

The list contains all languages defined in Designer Studio. The list is divided into two columns, i.e. ID containing the language identifier and Language code providing a code of a given language.


For more information on form fields visit the following WEBCON Community websites: