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Version: 2023 R3


The proxy server configuration is required if the server on which WEBCON BPS operates is located within a dedicated local area network with no direct access to the public Internet. This applies especially if the business requirements make such access necessary, e.g. for retrieving exchange rates or operating HotMailboxes located on an external Exchange server (e.g. Office 365).

If a company/network has a proxy server providing Internet access to a specific user, then in the configuration panel you can specify the proxy server address (including the port), login and password of the user in the context of whom the WEBCON BPS system will have access to the public Internet.


1. Use proxy

When selected, the checkbox allows you to use the proxy server. Selecting the checkbox activates the remaining configuration fields available below it.

2. Proxy server

A URL address of the server which the user intends to access.

3. Proxy user

A user authorized to access the proxy server.

4. Proxy password

A password associated with proxy server user name stipulated in the field above.

5. Exceptions list

The list contains the user-defined addresses that are supported by the configured proxy server.