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Version: 2023 R3

Document entry points

An entry point is a place in which paper documents are registered in the system and labels for these documents are printed. To configure a document entry point, it is necessary to configure users or computers belonging to this desk. To print document labels, it is required to define printers assigned to computers in the entry point.


If automation triggered by the menu button includes the Printout a barcode label action, the button will be visible only when a document entry point is defined.

Entry point

1. General

Basic information on the document entry point, such as ID, Name, and Description.

2. Computer terminals

Allows you to edit computers belonging to an entry point.
Available parameters:

  • ID,
  • Computer code,
  • Computer name,
  • Computer description,
  • Computer IP address,
  • Computer IPv6 address,
  • Main printer,
  • Accounting printer,
  • User login.

Both Main printer and Accounting printer are used to print labels. In the print action you can define which printer is to be used.
An entry point is determined on the basis of user's login and computer parameters (name, IP, or IPv6 address). If no user is assigned to a particular computer, the search is performed among users not assigned to a particular workstation. Definitions of computers that do not have a defined login for a particular user are checked last.

3. Association

Defines users belonging to the entry point.

4. Printer test

Tests the printing of a label using the main printer.
When testing barcode printing, WEBCON BPS overwrites the printer control code to print the barcode correctly. This may affect other systems that use the same printer.
In order to test barcode printing without overwriting the printer settings, it is recommended to create a simple workflow with a Printout a barcode label action configured to print a test label. A sample code can be copied into the Template field in the action configuration:

A30,8,0,1,1,1,N,Rejestracja: 05.03.2018 15:12:31
A30,28,0,1,1,1,N,Osoba: Jan Kowalski
A30,110,0,2,1,1,N,ID: 2000

For more information on document entry point configuration, see THIS ENTRY on our technical blog.
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