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Version: 2023 R3


The node provides the user with options allowing them to change the appearance of some Portal elements.


1. WEBCON BPS Portal

Welcome text

The field enables you to enter the Portal welcome text that is displayed to users after opening its main page. In addition, it is possible to add translation for the entered text.

Portal name

It allows you to define the text displayed as a browser window title in the Portal main page.

Adds an additional link in the Portal sidebar that redirects to the defined website.


To learn more about the option, read the ARTICLE available in the WEBCON Community website.

Display name

The user-defined name displayed in the bottom left corner of the Portal window (inside the sidebar). The name is displayed as a hyperlink that redirects to the address defined in the URL field available below the discussed field.


The field allows you to enter any URL address. The user will be redirected to the address defined here after clicking the button available in the bottom left corner of the Portal window (inside the sidebar) that is displayed in the form of a name specified in the Display name field.

2. Path buttons

The section modifies the appearance of path buttons.

Set width

The field allows you to specify the width as % or in px (pixel) units.

Button arrangement

A drop-down list that allows you to choose the button alignement, i.e. horizontal or vertical.

Default button style

The field enables defining the text and background color.

3. Attributes

The section allows you to define the appearance of fields on the form.

Default field name style

Defines the form field name background color.

Default field value style

Defines the background color for the form field value.

Global CSS styles

Additional CSS styles attached to the WEBCON BPS Portal.