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Version: 2023 R3

E-mail notifications

Message templates allow you to define the appearance of e-mail notifications sent in Business Process Suite – both standard notifications and custom messages.
In the global message template, the parameters specified in the template definition are inserted in the place of dynamic values.

The configuration of e-mail notifications is divided into two parts:

E-mail notifications

1. Standard e-mail settings

Allows you to set basic parameters for standard messages, such as Subject (of CC task) and Message template.

2. E-mail signature

WEBCON BPS allows the following outgoing e-mail notifications to be secured with a digital signature:

  • notifications that are sent by a process,
  • custom e-mails that are sent by a configured action.

Selecting a certificate here will override the default certificate throughout the entire process.

3. Deployment mode

If deployment mode is on, all e-mail notifications will be redirected to the recipient provided in Recipient e-mail address field.


For detailed information, see the article Deployment mode for e-mail notifications on our technical blog.

4. Exceptions

Users put on this list will not receive notifications from this BPS process.