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Version: 2023 R2

Workflow Service

Workflow Service is a Windows service fulfilling the following functions:

  • Printing barcodes
  • Pairing scans with documents registered in the system
  • Running timeout actions
  • Running substitutions
  • Running cyclical actions
  • Downloading currency rates from the National Bank of Poland website
  • Adding text layer on scanned documents
  • Starting new workflows for email attachments

These functionalities can be executed by one service or be divided among several services running on different machines.
If the Service is installed on the same machine on which the Studio runs, it is possible to perform modules configuration through it.

The activity of individual modules (except for barcode printing - which is turned on by default) can also be set directly in the config.xml file situated in the same location as the executable Service file.
Below are example settings (with scan pairing support, timeout actions support and the substitutions support turned on:

<Directories> *     <Configuration>                    *           <WFWeb>http://localhost&lt;/WFWeb>           <ScanFilesModuleOn>true</ScanFilesModuleOn>           <MailBoxesModuleOn>true</MailBoxesModuleOn>           <TimeoutsModuleOn>true</TimeoutsModuleOn>           <CoversModuleOn>true</CoversModuleOn>           <RecurrentActionsModuleOn>false</RecurrentActionsModuleOn>           <ExchangeRatesModuleOn>false</ExchangeRatesModuleOn> *          <OCRAsynchronicModuleOn>false</OCRAsynchronicModuleOn>     *           <OLAPActualizationModuleOn>true</OLAPActualizationModuleOn>
*     </Configuration>     * </Directories>

Apart from the activity of individual service modules you should set the address of the website on which WEBCON Business Process Suite has been installed in the configuration file. On the basis of that address a database is specified from which the configuration of individual service functionalities will be downloaded.

Service configuration can be divided into several parts: