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Version: 2023 R2


The activity of individual service modules and the address of the website on which WEBCON Business Process Suite was installed can be configured with Studio.
The configuration concerns only a service installed on the same machine on which Studio is running.


1. Associated process databases

Names of the databases to which the Portal address is assigned.

2. Service roles

The following services operate as part of the Basic functionality:

  • Control TimeOut actions
  • Control periodic actions
  • Set substitutions for active tasks
  • Update OLAP analyses
  • Send e-mails
  • Send mass notifications
  • Synchronize organizational structure loaded from Active Directory
  • Download subordinate structure permissions

3. Monitor folders: Import Scanner Files – activates the service of matching scans with documents registered in the system and starts new documents with attachments

4. Monitor Email/MailApproval inbox – activates the service of scanning email inboxes and starting new documents based on attachments, and activates the MailApproval service.


– OCR-related actions (Text layer, Recognition, Teaching).

AI Analysis

  • AI Analysis actions. For more information see Aanalysis of anomalies in processes.

Workflow instance archiving

– Moving workflow instances to the archive database and compressing instances into ZIP files.

5. Exchange rates synchronization – activates the service of loading exchange rates.

6. License service – activates the license service.

After each change of the service roles, make sure you have saved the changes and reload (or restart) the service configuration.

7. Failover

The services displayed here are connected to the current service via the Failover mechanism.

This mechanism allows for roles to be taken over by the current service when an indicated service ceases to be active (either by being turned off manually or when it fails).

Extensive information about WEBCON service redundancy can be found in an article on our technical blog site.