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Version: 2023 R2

OCR configuration


1. Number of threads

The number of concurrent threads that will be used to process elements for the given processing type. Adjust them according to your preferences or the processing capability of your machine.

When using dedicated machines for a certain type of processing, optimal use of a machine’s processor can be achieved by setting the number of concurrent threads to be 1 greater than the number of available processor cores.

2. Log diagnostic data

This option is used to log diagnostic data from the external ABBYY FineReader component. Enabling this option will impact performance.

Change of this value requires the service configuration to be reloaded.

3. Log data files directory

Allows you to indicate where on the disk the diagnostic data from the external ABBYY FineReader component is located. It is important to monitor the location of this log to make sure there is enough space.

4. Text layer supported file extensions

Preview of supported file extensions.