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Version: 2023 R2

Attachments settings


1. Business entity

Business entity for which the new workflow will be created.

2. Process

Process that will be started after processing the document.

3. Form type

Form type from selected process.

4. Workflow for new element

Workflow from selected process and form type.

5. Path for new element

Path which will be passed by processed document.

6. Additional field setting

This window displays additional form field values such as:

  • Name of the form field from the selected process.
  • Value to which the selected form field must be set.
  • Filling mode – it is possible to choose that the form field will always be filled or only when it is empty.

Available variables

Dates are provided in database time zone.

Year %yyyy% or %yy%
Month %MM%
Day %dd%
Hour %HH%
Minutes %mm%
Seconds %ss%
File name %FileName%
File type %FileType%
Name without extension %FileNameDisplay%
BarCode %BarCode%