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Version: 2023 R2

Data table

The form field is used to display values from a data source in a table. In addition, it is possible to display links in the table columns.

Examples of the link display configuration:

Advanced configuration

The window offers advanced configuration options for the Data table form field.


1. Query data source if variables return empty values

When checked, the system permits variables that return empty values. If the checkbox is unselected and the tag used in the query in the data source or the form field returns empty value, the records in the form field on the editable form are not displayed.

2. Show form field name

Displays the form field name specified in the General tab.

3. Show form field description

Displays the form field description (checked by default).

4. Show columns names

Column headers display the “Display name” defined individually for each respective column (if the Display name column is empty, the column name returned by the query is displayed).

5. Show summary row

Allows the summary row to be displayed for individual columns. This row may either display the sum of values or their average. Click the Aggregation Type field for the desired column to define which mode is to be used.

6. Load on demand

When checked, the Data table will not be loaded by default. It will be loaded only after clicking the button next to it.

7. Allow Excel export

The checkbox permits the export of the form field content to an Excel file.


To learn more about exporting the Data table content, read the ARTICLE available in the WEBCON Community website.

8. Allow sorting data

When checked, the content of the Data table is sorted.

9. Paging

The checkbox allows you to specify whether the query results are to be displayed on multiple pages.

10. Page size

The field allows you to specify the number of results displayed per page.