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Version: 2023 R2


Process constants are values defined separately for each process that can be used in elements configured with the expression editor, as well as elsewhere in the system where the Variables tree is available, e.g. when configuring Business rules, Form rules or Form fields.

Constant in Expression editor


To insert a variable from the tree into an expression, either double-click the chosen value or drag and drop it in the desired place.

It is possible to define a Constant whose values will vary between environments (DEV/TEST/PROD) – when migrating from one environment to another, it will no longer be necessary to manually alter these values.

Process constants can only be used within the process for which they are defined, while Global Constants are shared across the entire system and can be configured from System settings.

Configuration of Constants

New constant

The basic Constant parameters are Name, Description, and specific Values that the Constant takes depending on the environment.
If the Break inheritance checkbox is not selected, the Constant will take the Shared value on all environments. If the checkbox is selected for an environment, the value defined for that environment will be used instead of the Shared value.

The Usages tab contains a tree that shows where the constant is referenced in the system.

Group of Constants

For better organization Constants can be grouped. This is done by clicking the New group button – a new Group will be added under the Constants node, and it can be given a Name and Description. To assign a Constant to an existing Group, select the Group from the drop-down menu in the Constant configuration window. Constants assigned to a Group will be displayed as it its subnodes.

Group of constants


Example of using Process constants:
The Data table displays a web address that differs for the test (TEST) and production (PROD) environments. Transferring from the TEST environment to the PROD environment would normally require manual modification of the address each time it appears on the system. However, by defining Constant with different web addresses depending on the environment, each occurrence of the Constant will automatically adapt the web address to suit the environments.