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Version: 2023 R2

Verify process

In WEBCON BPS Designer Studio, it is possible to validate the configuration of an existing process, including its form fields, document workflows, actions, etc. This functionality can be accessed from the process context menu:

Verify process

with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W or from the Toolbar. This opens a window showing the process configuration test report.

Proces configuration test

Messages in the generated report are divided into three categories: Errors, Warnings, and Information items. At the top of the window there are buttons to enable/disable the visibility of a particular message category in the report. Each line of the report provides information about the message rule, its brief description and where it occurs in the process, along with the ID of the related elements.

The bottom left corner of the window displays information about the Progress of the process verification.


Depending on the processes, generating a report may take a few moments to several minutes.

When you right-click anywhere in the report window, a context menu is available that allows you to copy and export (also to a CSV file) data from the process configuration report.