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Version: 2023 R2

Data Row

The form field is used to display values from the data source. The values from individual rows and columns are displayed below one another. It is also possible to choose to display values as a progress bar, an indicator "diode", or in bold text.

Advanced configuration

To access additional configuration options, click the Advanced configuration button available in the bottom, right corner of the form field configuration window.


The advanced configuration of the Data row column used in the Item list is discussed on a separate page.


1. Table

Allows you to configure how values from the data source are displayed.

Column – column names returned from the data source.
Display name – name displayed on the form.
Percent field – once checked, the value will be displayed as a progress bar along with a percentage. In order for this option to work correctly, the returned value must be a number between 0 and 100.
Indicator field – selecting the checkbox results in displaying the numerical value in the form of a "diode". The "diode" color for values < 0 is red, for values = 1 is yellow, and for values > 1 is green. Bold field – displays the returned value in bold text.
Show column – defines which columns returned by the SQL query will be visible in the form field. Instance hyperlink – the value is displayed as a hyperlink that redirects to the relevant instance.

2. Show column headers

If checked, the column names are displayed on the form.


Selecting the option allows the system to use variables that return empty values. If unselected, the tag used in the query in the data source or the form field returns empty value – the records in the form field on the editable form will not be displayed.