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Version: 2023 R2

Item list

The form field is displayed in the form of a table with columns containing data. Users can edit values in columns and add, delete, or clone individual rows. Additionally, it is possible to export the contents of an Item list to an Excel file or import the contents from an .xlsx file.


To learn more about exporting and importing data, read the ARTICLE available in the WEBCON Community website.

The Item list form field allows users to group rows on the form. A user can expand and collapse groups, or show partial sums when the relevant option has been enabled for a column.


To learn more about grouping, read the ARTICLE available in the WEBCON Community website.


To increase clarity of an Item list, a user can apply coloring functionality discussed in the following articles:

The configuration of an Item list is composed of general configuration (divided into several tabs) and configuration of individual columns added to it.

The table below presents columns that a user can add to an Item list.

Basic columnsChoice columns
Single line of textChoice field
Multiple lines of textChoice field (picker)
Floating-point numberAutocomplete
Calculated floating-point valueChoice field (tree)
HyperlinkDate and time
Data rowYes/No choice
Calculated text value
Local attachments
Related attachments



Item list with coloring mode