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Version: 2023 R2

Version management

The Version management panel is used for restoring previous versions of custom networks.

It is also possible to restore only selected fields from previous versions.

This mechanism is useful in case an attempt to improve a custom network with Teach OCR AI ends up reducing the speed of the recognition process or decreases the accuracy of recognizing certain fields.


1. Toolbar

2. Save – Save changes made to the settings and versions of this project.

3. Update – Update this project.

NOTE: To import a new project from a .ZIP file, click the Import button in the mian OCR AI Projects node.

4. Export – Export this project to a .ZIP file.

5. Delete – Delete the selected (highlighted) project. Deleting a project is irreversible.

6. Custom networks

Displays all available custom networks for the selected project.

The <Common> network, which is always at the top of the list and cannot be deleted, is used in the event that a Distinguisher is not found by OCR AI Recognition.

7. Version preview

Name and distinguisher of the selected custom network.

The <Common> network does not have a distinguisher, because it is used for cases when a distinguisher cannot be found.

8. Choose version

Choose a previous version of the custom network in order to restore it or some of its fields.

9. Fields list

Displays field names and their ID. The checkbox makes it possible to select individual fields, which will be restored to the current version.

10. Restore

Clicking Restore creates a new version of the custom network, which is either:

  1. A copy of the version selected in the Choose version menu (When no checkboxes are marked on the Fields list)

  2. A copy of the previous most up-to-date version – with the exception of the fields marked with checkboxes, which will be copied from the version selected in the Choose version menu.

In both cases, a new version is created which is either a complete or partial restoration of the selected version.