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Version: 2023 R3

BPS users list synchronization

The action allows you to synchronize a list of BPS users. It is possible to synchronize all users at the same time or a selected user or group.

BPS users list synchronization

1. Enqueue synchronization of entire users

Allows you to synchronize all BPS users in the system.

2. Enqueue synchronization of selected users or group

Allows you to synchronize changes made with respect to BPS users (adding, deleting, editing a user).

3. Perform synchronization of selected user or group

Allows you to synchronize selected user or group.
In the field below enter User or group login (e.g. or group name.


The last two methods of synchronizing BPS users are much less time-consuming than full synchronization.
However, in the case of full synchronization, the user can be sure that all data will be properly updated and no elements will be missed, e.g. due to configuration errors.