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Version: 2023 R2

Delete workflow instances from a process

Thanks to the Delete workflow instances from process tool, it is possible to quickly and easily delete all instances associated with a process, thus making it possible to completely remove an entire process.


1. Process

The field allows you to select a process for which all associated instances will be deleted from the database.

2. Operation mode

This field allows you to choose which instances are to be deleted. Possible options:

  • All workflow instances,
  • Only process database,
  • Only archive database.

Choosing the first option is tantamount to choosing the other two options together.

3. Delete

The button deletes the instances of the specified process.

4. Summary

The section contains a list displaying deleted items.

The Table name column shows name of a table whose data was deleted from the databse.

The Number of rows deleted column presents the number of entries deleted from the specified column.