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Version: 2023 R2

Data sources

Data source definitions define which data is loaded from the selected data source and then used in configuration areas of Designer Studio. Most data sources use a Connection (i.e. a connection string) to access a database, and then employ a selected filter type to narrow down the range of data that is used. Careful data filtering is useful for exceptionally large data sources, as loading an entire database when attempting to expand a drop-down choice field can lead to considerable processing time.

Any number of data source definitions can use a single connection, and any number of form fields can use a single data source definition.

Local data sources do not need a defined connection to access them, these data sources include:

  • BPS Internal view – used to access workflow instances stored in the current BPS content database;
  • Fixed values list – used to define a number of static values which can be used as a data source;
  • Custom – returned data is defined by the Plugin code.

Templates can be used to further detail the data returned by a data source, they allow the data to be returned in a certain format (column structure) so that it can be used for a specific purpose.

Most data sources can be used as a Personal data dictionary (for GDPR-related configuration).

A data source may also be marked as public – this allows users with application administrator privileges to use these data sources in their configuration.