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Version: 2023 R3

Replace item list

The action removes all rows of the Item list and replaces them with new ones with the specified values in the selected columns.
Unlike the Update item list values action, the configuration window for this action does not have a section dedicated to Unique value mapping.

Replace item list

The action log displays information about the number of rows added or removed.

1. Item list

Allows you to specify the Item list to be changed.

2. Data source

Data source in the context of which the query will be executed.

3. SQL query

An SQL query should return columns corresponding to the columns in the Item list.

4. Columns mapping

This option is used to map data source columns to Item list columns. Based on this mapping configuration, Item list columns will be filled according to their order on the form in the given step.
If column mapping is not configured, the column will be skipped when setting values.
If the data source fails to return a column (despite mapping), the column will be skipped as if it was not configured. Item list initialization and the action will be logged as missing column configuration.

7. Get columns

Gets a list of columns corresponding to the current SQL query.