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Version: 2023 R3

Cancel editing a file using OneDrive

The action allows to cancel the link to an attachment in the workflow and restore the version from before publication, e.g. in situations where unexpected errors occur.

Similar to Finish editing a file using OneDrive, the action affects all attachments linked to the instance in the context of which it was triggered (or in the context of a single file if triggered from the Attachments menu or in the For each automation).

The action removes the selected files from OneDrive, restores the file from before it was checked in the database, and also deletes all information about the file's link in OneDrive.
If no file is available on OneDrive, if the file on OneDrive has never been checked in, or if for some reason it is not possible to delete the file from OneDrive, then the action passes the appropriate information to the log and succeeds.

The action logs information about the files whose editing was canceled.
Configuration of the action is not available; however, the connection ID will be saved in the metadata of attachments so that the user can work with the right file at the form level.


For more information on the action, see the article Working with OneDrive files on our technical blog.